Closet organizing


Closet organizing can be something many of us intend to do, but never find the time to accomplish. So it begins with making a quality decision to complete this by a set date, and blocking out the time to do it. This article has several tips on how to successfully accomplish this goal.



To begin this process open up all of your closets and identify how your are, at the moment, utilizing your space. Most closets tend to be disorganized, and can be crammed full of stuff. Many have smallish containers that overflow and far too many items on hangers. These issues are normally key to making best use of the space available.

The first step in this closet organisation project has to be to empty out all of your closet space. To put together a cohesive storage system it will take some time, thought and effort.

If you have extra space available, you could always decide to create further storage closets. This would help to reduce the pressure on your present storage facilities.


Discipline - will be needed to sift out any non-clothing items from the closets you have designated for clothes. Organisation only works when you stick to the plan.

Identify - which clothes are used on a regular basis and those you wear rarely but still intend to use. It is vital to keep the regular clothes quickly to hand and so try to keep these on hangers. The other clothes can be packed away in flexible plastic containers that can be vacuum compacted to store under beds or on top of wardrobes.

Disposal -After this initial sifting, comes the more serious sorting process. This is where you will have to be firm with yourself and commit to dispose of the clothes that are no longer in your favourite list. Clothes that you have not worn in a long time are likely to be out of vogue or even no longer fit.

When you dispose of these older items it will create space for those special clothes you have had your eye on for a while, but not bought yet, due to the lack of storage space.

There are many charity shops that will be glad of good quality, well looked after clothes. You could even decide to raise some cash by selling these extra items on ebay.

After a good sort out, you should find closet organisation a lot easier.

Storage Boxes - You can use stackable plastic storage boxes to help closet organization of shoes or handbags and those small items that are saved for special occasions. Many times these can make use of that space at the bottom of closets that is used up by a few pairs of shoes.

There is also space above wardrobes and closets that is not made use of due to its dusty nature. This is where sealed containers come in to there own.

Repairs - Once the closet space is empty, you will be able to inspect the inner space. Check out the shelves and racks to make sure they are still solidly fitted. This is a good time to vacuum the insides and repaint any worn areas. Once everything is clean and fresh you can begin to return your items to the closets.

Further steps - If your closets are still overflowing it might be time to set yourself some sterner ground rules. Such as, for every new piece of clothing you buy you must donate one, to open up the space. At least this way the situation should not get worse. You could set a regular 3 monthly purge of clothing, especially for those items you were uncertain about, but still haven't worn.

Now you will know whether this re-organisation has worked or whether more acton is needed. If more space is needed, then radical thinking could well be needed. Such as, making use of space in the loft or attic.

Closet organizing could be the begining of a more radical re-organization of the more important areas of your life.



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