Home Improvements for Older Homes

 It is due to the charm of older homes, that one of the largest areas of Home Improvements is for Older Homes. Many of these homes exude personality that is sadly missing in newer homes.

 If your home is over 15 years old, you will more than likely want to do some renovations. Knowing where to start and which projects to focus on, can be challenging. Check out some of the tips on how to begin in an organized planned way.



 Roof Projects - When dealing with old rooves you could well be facing an expensive project. But this is no reason to ignore the need for repairs or even complete replacement.

 This is not the kind of project that you should postpone for long. When rooves start to leak, you will have no choice other than to deal with this problem immediately. The timing may not be any better then than now.

  • Internal inspection should show up any major problems and whether there is need for immediate action.
  • Internal coatings - Nowadays, an excellent option is to have the expanding foam coating, applied to the inside surface of your roof. This can solve any leaks and firmly fix the tiles in place. It is also an excellent method for insulating your loft area.
  • Loft Conversions - This can be a good way of developing your roof space into an extra room, which is an excellent method of increasing the value of your home.
  •  Water damage from a roof leak can be very expensive to repair and you could well wish that you had replaced the roof before it happened. This should be the project that you place at the top of your priorities when choosing potential renovation projects.
  •  Roof treatments - Another option at the moment is to have your tiles pressure washed and then painted with a surface treatment that prevents the growth of moss and algae and makes the tiles water proof. These treatments certainly make a dramatic impact on the visual appearance of your roof, many times giving the appearance that you have had a new roof fitted.
  •  Copper Plates -I have also come across a system that fits copper plates to the ridge tiles that reacts with the elements causing a run off of water that inhibits growth of moss and algae. This is supposed to be a long term answer to this problem because it does take quite some time for it to accomplish this task.
  •  Solar Panels -If you are contemplating fitting solar panels at some time in the future, this is the time to check whether your roof will be strong enough to take the extra weight of the solar panels.


Electrical Projects - Electrical systems in older homes are often outdated, and many would not even pass present day electrical standards. Not only could this cause safety concerns for your household, but it could also possibily disqualify any home insurance coverage.

 If the electrical system was not up to present standards the insurance company could well refuse to pay for any damage. Have it checked by a qualified electrician, as well as by the relevant city officials.

 Careful planning could show up areas where you could make significant savings on your electric bills.

Examples are :-

  • Energy Saving Bulbs -  the replacing of old light bulbs with energy saving bulbs, or replacing with strip lighting.... Read more
  • Solar Panels - Instalation of solar panels, connected to your electric system or by making use of storage batteries.... Read more 
  • Heat Pumps - Instalation of heat pumps. Air source heat pumps are the most popular form of this type of heating.... Read more 
  • Wind Power - Instalation of wind turbines to produce your own energy if you are in a suitable location.... Read more


Plumbing Projects - Plumbing systems are often outdated in older homes. In modern homes plumbing fixtures are constructed of completely different materials, usually composites and plastics that are designed to better withstand the elements.

  •  Corrosion - Older metal pipes tend to rust and corrode which causes problems with your water systems.  Replacing older pipes can be expensive especially if the pipes that connect to the external utility company system are underground.
  •  Water Saving - The toilet and shower systems available now are tremendous at saving water usage, which in metered housing means saving money.
  •  Rain Water Harvesting - A new area to look at to make better use of the water available is Rain Water Harvesting which collects rain water from the guttering system, storing it for use in grey water areas. This again has the prospect of saving money once the capital cost of the project has been repaid.
  •  Solar Water Heating - Another area is for Solar Water Heating to help to reduce the cost of Central Heating of the home.

Each of these projects involve the investment of substantial amounts of money, but that is the reality of Home Improvements for older homes. To reduce the likely higher utility bills, improvements need to be made, and those cost money.

Get quotes from qualified plumbers, and seek out ones who have experience with older homes.


Pre-moving in Projects - Consider which projects it would be best to undertake before moving in to the property. Decorating walls and sanding floor boards can cause disruption to your daily life and produce a great deal of dust,so take the opportunity to complete these projects before moving in.

  •  Individual Rooms - If this is not feasable then at least leave one room clear so you can work on it. Finish one room at a time, this will help to motivate you.
  •  Garage Space - Certainly make use of garage space to store furniture until you can finish your improvement projects.
  •  Short Term Storage - It could even be worth considering short term storage of your possessions to enable the quick completion of all the major projects that you are aware need to be undertaken.


 Starting any type of Home Improvements for older homes can be stressful, but planning these projects in an efficient way can help to reduce any stress involved. This should help you to enjoy the unique features of your older home.



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