Window  Replacement?

 Most of the time it is relatively easy to know if your home needs new windows. While window replacement can be costly,old windows can cause high energy usage.

 It would be well worth while checking your windows for any of these indications. It could be that you would recognise the need for replacement after making these checks.



 The purpose of windows is to keep the weather outside your home. There should not be any sign of either condensation or frost on the internal surfaces of your windows.

 If there is, you know they are not doing their job.

Double Glazing - If you notice the internal glass surface feeling cold in the winter, or warm in the summer, you should think seriously about window replacement.  

 If you don't have double glazed panels in your windows, you could try replacing the single pane glass with an upgrade.There are many companies that are able to supply such panels.

 This could significantly improve the insulation ability of your windows. Well fitting storm windows can make a great difference in maintaining the correct temperature in your home.


Cold Spots - Check your windows for cold spots around the edges of the window sill.

 When a cold wind is blowing outside cold air can enter your home through any gaps around the window frame. This causes your central heating boiler to over-work and yet it would still feel chilly near the window.


Many Windows - Rooms that contain a number of windows can be difficult to stabilise temperature in. This is a sign that the windows are no longer doing their job properly.


Cracked Frames - When the outside frame of windows are cracked or rotting, there is no choice but for window replacement.

 Delaying replacing your old windows not only causes high energy usage, but also allows moisture into the walls of your home.

 Look for cracked and peeling paint, and with wooden frames ensure the wood is not becoming soft through rot.


Cracked Glass - Cracked or broken glass is an obvious sign that your windows are not performing. Broken glass allows heat and cold to penetrate your home and also is a safety hazard.

 When window frames are still in good shape, it can be cost effective to just replace the glass.

 It is a simple task to remove the glass panes and have a new one cut to size by local glazing companies.If you don't feel able to do this yourself it is not a major expense to have one or two panes fitted professionaly.


Complete Window replacement within your home is a costly project and is probably not something most homeowners could do alone. Consulting friends or relatives that work in the building industry for tips or advice can be a good idea.


Sales - Home improvement stores sometimes have sales which would enable you to save on some of the cost. Don't be tempted to cut corners, buy quality windows which will last for many years.


Increased equity - An additional benefit above saving energy costs and increasing safety is in adding to your homes net worth. Installing replacement windows in your home not only improves its value, but upgrades its look and style.

The tips listed above will help when considering whether or not window replacement is needed. This Home Improvement project can be costly, but the payoff is worthwhile in the long run.


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